Thursday, February 7, 2008

Motion Control Marketing on a "Shoe String"

We know advertising is expensive, however, we also know we have to create an awareness, of both the company and the company's products.

A Cahners Publishing Co. CARR Report highlights how important it is to stay in front of customers and prospective customers. This report reviewed the correlation of awareness to brand preference. The report stated in its conclusion:

"The relationship between awareness and preference is strong. Instead of a one-to-one relationship between awareness and preference (often assumed), this research has shown that the relationship is more complicated.
  • First, a minimum threshold of awareness must be reached before a brand will begin to see a conversion to preference.
  • Second, as higher levels of awareness are reached, the conversion to preference comes more quickly.
  • Third, awareness (and therefore preference) will decay over time if awareness-building activities, such as advertising and/or technical news(e.g. Product Releases), are not conducted.”

The most cost effective way of creating awareness and preference is Product Releases and Internet Promotion.


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